Inspired by the grand tours of classical musicians travelling through Europe and the goals of training and enriching the practices of young musicians, the ULYSSES Network brings together 11 European institutions for the promotion and professionalization of young composers. With the ULYSSES Ensemble, the ULYSSES Network reached a new peak in 2017, concentrating its efforts on young performers in the domain of new music. Each year, a new ensemble is formed and hosted as part of IRCAM ManiFeste festival in June.


With Ensemble ULYSSES, the ULYSSES network took a new step forward in 2017, directing its efforts towards young performers - again in the field of today's music: each year, a new ensemble of young musicians living in Europe is formed and hosted as part of Ircam's ManiFeste festival in June.


Constitution of the ULYSSES Ensemble 2024 : Federico Altare (Italy) flûte, Patricia Pinheiro (Portugal) oboe, Oleksandr Zhehalov (Ukraine) clarinet, Helena Ortuno (France) bassoon, Mari Tirkkonen (Finlande) cor, Billur Ongun (Turkey)  trumpet, Chloé Ryo (France) trombone, Miharu Ogura (Japan) piano, Jiayu Luo (China) percussion, Ariane Bodin (France) et Alexis Perraud (France) violins, Eva Garnet (France) alto, Hortense Airault (France) cello, Pietro Elia Barcellona (Italie) double bass.


Three additional young musicians will join Ensemble ULYSSES: Takahiro Takayama (Japan), clarinet, student of Ensemble NEXT, Edith Josse (France) harp, Roman Rondepierre (France), mandolin.



ULYSSES concert, ManiFeste-2023 © Quentin Chevrier



Educational advisors : Pierre Bleuse (conductor), soloists from the Ensemble intercontemporain
With participation of Clément Saunier (trumpet from the Ensemble intercontemporain)

French conductor and new musical director of the Ensemble intercontemporain, Pierre Bleuse leads a master class for the ULYSSES Ensemble with the complicity of soloists from the Ensemble intercontemporain who tutor the young musicians. They work on four pieces from contemporary repertoire, including Michael Jarrell’s La Chambre aux Échos in which young instrumentalist perform side by side with musicians from the Ensemble intercontemporain. Young performers benefit from work sessions with Ensemble Intercontemporain musicians. The week culminates with a public concert as part of the festival ManiFeste-2024. 

Michael Jarrell La Chambre aux échos for ensemble, 36 minutes (2010-2011)
Gyorgy Ligeti Mysteries of the Macabre, arr. Elgar Howart, for solo trumpet and ensemble of 16 instrumentalists, 9 minutes (1974-1992)
Simon Steen-Andersen Chambered Music, for twelve instruments and sampler, 18 minutes (2008)
Feliz Anne Reyes Macahis Diwata, for ensemble and electronics, 15 minutes (2021)

Coproduction IRCAM/Les Spectacles vivants-Centre Pompidou, Ensemble intercontemporain, ensemble associated with the Academy. With the support of Maison de la Musique Contemporaine and the ULYSSES network supported by the European Union’s Creative Europe program.

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