Sivan Eldar

  • Composer

May our natures be impossible to grasp, and may we reflect the glow, steadily rising in the heat like bread dough. May our magic be mysterious and pragmatic, and may we orbit each other in an indecipherable celestial choreography. May we care for each other, and surrender to our conscious belonging to the Earth, and may we cease to pretend to possess, hoard or define. We are wild and free - just like life. Wild and free. May what is human and what in us comes from the earth become trustworthy and put forward.
In the words of my beloved cousin, Noa Grayevsky

Écouter : Sivan Eldar

  1. Heave by Sivan Eldar, 2018
  2. You'll drown, dear by Sivan Eldar (recorded at Pompidou Center, 2018)

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