Oren Boneh

  • Composer

The music of the American Oren Boneh is characterised by its energy and dynamism. It is based on extremely contrasting characters, moving from the abrasive to the humorous and from the mechanical to the flexible. His music plays with the listener's expectations to create unpredictability and friction. His works have been performed by ensembles such as Vertixe Sonora, Alarm Will Sound, the Tana Quartet, Ensemble Meitar, Proton Bern, Ensemble Divertimento, and Ensemble Reconsil. A Fulbright Scholar, Oren Boneh has been selected in numerous competitions - he won first prize in the 2017 Salvatore Martirano Competition for Winter Walks that Gravel my Voice. Oren Boneh is pursuing his PhD in composition at UC Berkeley with Franck Bedrossian and Edmund Campion.

Écouter : Oren Boneh

  1. Her Majesty the Fool by Oren Boneh (recorded at Pompidou Center, 2020)

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