Misato Michozuki

  • Composer

Misato Mochizuki studied composition at the Tokyo University of the Arts, then at the Paris Conservatory, and participated in the IRCAM Cursus program (1996-1997). Since then, she has led her career between Europe and Japan. An original combination of Western tradition and Asian inspiration, her writing develops seductive rhythms and improbable timbres, with great formal and stylistic freedom.

Misato Mochizuki teaches at Meiji Gakuin University and Tokyo University of the Arts. In addition, she writes a column about music and culture for the prestigious daily Yomiuri Shimbun and then for the Nihon Keizai Shimbun (texts collected in Vie quotidienne et le regard musical d'une composer entre Paris et Tokyo, Ed. Kaïryusha, 2019).

Listen to: Misato Mochizuki

  1. Si bleu, si calme by Misato Mochizuki (recorded at Ircam, 2001)
  2. Le Fil blanc de la cascade by Misato Mochizuki (recorded at Auditorium du Louvre, 2007)
  3. L'heure bleue by Misato Mochizuki (recorded at Maison de Radio France, 2007)

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