Marc Monnet

  • Composer

Marc Monnet's apprenticeship with Maurizio Kagel did not make him a "son of Kagel". He merely convinced himself that the work of art is monstrously impure, and that history is too burdensome not to laugh at it.

Austere or exuberant, tragic or frankly ironic, each score develops its own dialogue between its sound existence and the space in which it is projected. Each one secretes its own material and devices, its theatricality, as well as its relationship to its performers and listeners.

"Each work is born from the way - singular, therefore non-replicable - in which the material organizes itself to me, most of the time by jerks, in a discontinuous way. At each moment the question arises: what to do with what, incongruously, arises?"

Listen to: Marc Monnet

  1. Trio n°3, pour violoncelle, piano et électronique by Marc Monnet (recorded at Ircam, 2013)
  2. Imaginary travel by Marc Monnet (recorded at Ircam, 2013)
  3. Bosse, crâne rasé, nez crochu by Marc Monnet (recorded at the Centre Pompidou, 2012)

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