Luca Francesconi

  • Composer

"Converting matter into meaning" is Luca Francesconi's fundamental quest. His questioning of the origin of meaning leads him to work on materiality and to relentlessly explore the liminal zone between sound and meaning, conscious and unconscious, which, according to him, constitutes the very territory of music. His virtuoso writing articulates dynamism and stasis and explores the vast potential of instrumental timbres with an astonishing mobility of expression, a complex and transparent fabric that feeds  on a polyphony of languages and resorts to microtonality. He claims a narrative music in which the discourse is clearly oriented.

Écouter : Luca Francesconi

  1. Animus by Luca Francesconi (recorded at Pompidou Center, 2017)
  2. Let me bleed by Luca Francesconi (recorded at la Maison de la Radio, 2016)
  3. Quartett by Luca Francesconi (recorded at Cité de la Musique, 2013)

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