Lara Morciano

  • Composer

A formally trained pianist, Lara Morciano studied composition at the Conservatory and at the Academy of Saint Cecilia in Rome (with F. Donatoni) and continued her studies at the CNR in Strasbourg (with I. Fedele), at IRCAM, at the University of Paris 8 (Master of Arts), and at PSL Research University (PhD SACRe, in partnership with CNSMDP, ENS, and IRCAM).

Her compositions are performed frequently in the most prestigious festivals and have won several awards. In her mixed works, the use of computer devices allows her to link different aspects of her compositional research: instrumental virtuosity, timbral research, rhythmic articulation, real-time interaction, and production of spatio-temporal forms in the listening space.

Listen to: Lara Morciano

  1. Embedding Tangles by Lara Morciano (recorded at Maison de Radio France, 2016)
  2. Estremo d'ombra by Lara Morciano (recorded at Maison de Radio France, 2016)
  3. Hyades by Lara Morciano (recorded at Eglise de la Chartreuse, 2002)

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