Johannes Maria Staud

  • Composer

A leading figure on the Viennese music scene, Johannes Maria Staud stands out for the extraordinary breadth of his sources of inspiration: from Leonardo da Vinci or the Greek philosopher Anaximander (Aperion) to the Polish-Jewish writer Bruno Schulz (On Comparative Meteorology and On Deceptive City Maps and the Temptations of Winter Nights), not to mention Mozart (Segue), Baudelaire, Bruce Nauman, and Louis Malle. Freeing himself from the expectations of the contemporary microcosm towards the avant-garde, he does not hesitate to put the work back on the job and to create new pieces based on older ones. Without ever resorting to the slightest neo attempt, and endowed with a keen sense of self-criticism, he pays infinite attention to the smallest details of his very personal musical language.

Listen to: Johannes Maria Staud

  1. Le voyage by Johannes Maria Staud (recorded at the Centre Pompidou, 2012)

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