Francesco Filidei

  • Composer

A professionally trained organist, Francesco Filidei studied composition at the Conservatories in Florence and Paris (CNSMDP) as well as at IRCAM. As an organist and composer, he has been invited to major contemporary music festivals, and has played with the most prestigious orchestras and specialized ensembles in the most important concert halls in the world.

In his works, he is part of the long tradition of Italian music - particularly that of vocal writing - and is particularly passionate about all the issues of memory (historical, musicological, immediate...) at work both in the compositional process and in the listening process.

Listen to: Francesco Filidei

  1. Notturno sulle corde vuote by Francesco Filidei (recorded at the Philharmonie de Paris, 2016)
  2. Finito ogni gesto by Francesco Filidei (recorded at Maison de Radio France, 2016)
  3. Dormo molto amore by Francesco Filidei (recorded at Maison de Radio France, 2016)

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