Florence Baschet

  • Composer

Florence Baschet studied at the École normale de musique de Paris, the Conservatoire Sainte-Cécile in Rome, and the Conservatoires de Paris and Lyon (in Philippe Manoury's class). She is particularly known for her compositional work in vocal writing, whether a capella, with ensemble or with device. Another guiding principle of her work is the critical integration of a natively instrumental vocabulary into her writing. Her research at IRCAM has led her to work in the field of mixed music, combining the soloist with the electroacoustic device in a particular interactive relationship linked to the instrumental gesture and seeking to highlight the phenomena of interpretation on which the sound transformations will depend.

Listen to: Florence Baschet

  1. La Muette by Florence Baschet (recorded at the T2G - Théâtre de Gennevilliers, 2018)

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