Trailer - Polytopes / June 21-July 2 / Espace de projection, IRCAM

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A prototype of multimedia works, the Polytope de Cluny by Iannis Xenakis (1972) is reconstituted here for the first time and presented alongside a creation by the collective /nu/thing and the digital art studio ExperiensS.

The spectators, lying under a bright sky, are immersed in a hurricane of electronics, LEDs and lasers, for two installations using unique projection technology. An experience to be lived in the heart of Paris, 16 meters underground, in IRCAM's Espace de projection, a truly unique space that will reopen in June.

Une production réalisée dans le cadre du programme de soutien à la création artistique Mondes nouveaux.
Music: nu/thing x ExperiensS, Were You There at the Beginning - Premiere 2022

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