In the workshop of In vivo danse - Camping

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This workshop, which will be presented on Friday, June 25 at the CND (Centre nationale de la danse), is the result of a collaboration between the French choreographer Hervé Robbe and the Brazilian composer Michelle Agnes Magalahes.

This project invites dancers to interact with a musical score, using the sound device S-cordatura. By providing movements, spatial and visual constructions, they create a sound vocabulary formalized through the movement sensors.

This piece is part of a series of works developed in close collaboration with the Interaction Sound Music Movement team at IRCAM since 2018. From this research the S-cordatura has emerged. The S-cordatura is a musical interface and digital sound environment for spatial and corporeal interactions designed by Michelle Agnes Magalhaes, Frédéric Bevilacqua, and Benjamin Matuszewski. This musical instrument based on movement and space, uses Bitalino R-IoT sensors (IRCAM-Plux) and MuBu software (multimodal sound and movement analysis, interactive sound synthesis and Machine Learning) from IRCAM.

Lighter than air

  1. Lighter than air by Michelle Agnes Magalhaes (recorded at CND, 2021)

Séances d'exercice pendant l'atelier In vivo danse

  1. Séance d'exercice n°1
  2. Séance d'exercice n°2
  3. Séance d'exercice n°3

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