Xenakis and Architecture: Polytopes and More

  • Encounter

  • Fri 24 June 2022,
    7 p.m.

  • Centre Pompidou, Bibliothèque publique d'information, Espace Musique, niveau 3
    Access plan

  • Free entry, limited seats available


Discover Xenakis’ universe during a special evening event at the BPI!

In 1978, the composer and architect Yannis Xenakis was commissioned to create a Polytope for the inauguration of the Centre Pompidou, a new cultural center in the heart of Paris. Diatope was installed on the Place Georges Pompidou until 1979. Xenakis composed a masterpiece of electroacoustic music, The Legend of Er for this monumental structure. On the occasion of Xenakis' centenary, IRCAM and the BPI are organizing a special evening in homage to this work, connecting the history of the Center, of architecture, and of contemporary music.

On the program: meetings with specialists, a presentation of IRCAM archives, a listening session for La Légende d'Er, and the presentation of models freely inspired by Diatope created by architecture students at the École Nationale d'Architecture de Versailles.

This evening can be followed by or associated with a showing of Polytopes in the Espace de Projection at IRCAM at 9pm (reservations suggested).

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