Webern +

  • Concert

  • Fri 10 June 2022,
    8:30 p.m.

  • Cité de la musique, Amphithéâtre
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  • Full : 32 €
    Discount Price : 27.20 €
    ManiFeste Pass : 24 €
    Youth Pass : 8 €


  • Concert recorded by France Musique.

A key figure in post-1945 music, Webern seems to be a star distant from the concerns of the younger generation of composers. However, the trace of this visionary work can be found in a number of them, devoted to the revolution of timbre and form, to the density of a musical syntax. The two ManiFeste concerts presented with the Ensemble Intercontemporain and the Philharmonie de Paris are a testament to this. Between the String Trio op. 20 and the String Quartet op. 28, the modernity of the Weberian gesture seems astonishing. Emmanuel Nunes, who dedicated time to a PhD on Webern's work, inherited this deductive and polyphonic power. In Einspielung I, Nunes imagined a quasi-chamber-like dialogue between a violinist "warming up" to polyphony and the computer. The attention to the life of the timbre, through the use of transducers, marks the harp of Kevin Juillerat. Clara Iannotta offers the EIC soloists her latest chamber music work, focused on the minute nuance and rarefaction of sound.

Valeria Kafelnikov harp
Diego Tosi violin
Solistes de l'Ensemble intercontemporain
João Svidzinski IRCAM electronics

Anton Webern Trio à cordes, op. 20
Kevin Juillerat Mues - Premiere 2022
Commissioned by IRCAM-Centre Pompidou
Clara Iannotta new work - Premiere 2022
Commissioned by IRCAM-Centre Pompidou
Anton Webern Quatuor à cordes, op. 28
Emmanuel Nunes Einspielung I

Coproduction IRCAM-Centre Pompidou, Philharmonie de Paris, Ensemble intercontemporain.

"Webern +" concert playlist

  1. Trio à cordes, op. 20 by Anton Webern (recorded at the Centre Georges Pompidou, 1983)
  2. Quatuor à cordes, op. 28 by Anton Webern (recorded at the Centre Georges Pompidou, 1986)
  3. Einspielung I by Emmanuel Nunes (recorded at IRCAM, 2013)
La harpiste Valeria Kafelnikov
© J.B Millot
Le violoniste Diego Tosi
© Ensemble intercontemporain
Le compositeur Kevin Juillerat
© Didier Jordan
La compositrice Clara Ianotta
© Astrid Ackermann

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