Saturday Raster Fever : raster forever ?

  • Encounter

Panel discussion

During this talk, Frank Bretschneider and Olaf Bender, the two founders of rastermusic, will look back on the key moments of their career and retrace the origin of the label, evoking the historical and aesthetic context of Germany after the reunification. Various themes will be addressed to better understand the identity and uniqueness of the label: minimalist reduction, ode to frequencies rather than pitches, multimedia approach, positioning in relation to other currents of electronic music, links with the culture of "clubbing" and "dancefloor"...

With Olaf Bender and Frank Bretschneider (co-founders of rastermusic)
Moderated by Liam Cagney (musicologist and writer)

Byetone, 2017
© Bela Bender
Raster.labor, CTM festival 2019, Berlin
© Tommaso Relevant
Raster-Noton, unun vinyl series
Appia Stage Reloaded Festival, Festspielhaus Hellerau
© Klaus Gigga

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