Quatuor Béla

  • Concert

  • Wed 23 June 2021 ,
    8:30 p.m.

  • La Villette, Salle Boris Vian
    Access plan

  • Full : 18 €
    Discount Price : 14 €
    ManiFeste & Young Cards : 10 €


  • Duration: 1h20 (without interlude)
    Program (in French)

    Concert broadcast in binaural on this website and on IRCAM's Youtube Channel

The Béla Quartet explores the immense potential of the contemporary quartet. Francesca Verunelli considers the quartet as an unfolding of a discourse rather than a continuous process. Following the example of what she sees in Kandinsky's painting, the figures mutate and create a certain surprise or ambiguity. Henry Fourès brings together percussion, strings, and electronics, theatricalizing the musical gesture of his accomplice: the percussionist Jean Geoffroy. Percussion and strings, this rare combination is now associated with the name of Béla Bartók. His fourth quartet, undoubtedly the most accomplished of the 20th century, places the violence of the language in the perfection of an entirely symmetrical form. Five arched movements, with one of the most beautiful melodic lines ever written in the center of the program, marking the passage to the other side of the mirror. 

Jean Geoffroy percussion
Béla Quartet
Frédéric Aurier violin
Julien Dieudegard violin
Julian Boutin viola
Luc Dedreuil cello
Augustin Muller, Olivier Pasquet IRCAM computer music design

Béla Bartók Quatuor n° 4
Francesca Verunelli
Henry Fourès
 Un bel éclair qui durerait - premiere 2021
commissioned by IRCAM-Centre Pompidou 

Excerpts from the concert works

  1. Unfolding by Francesca Verunelli (Cité de la musique, 2012)
  2. Quatuor à cordes n° 4 by Béla Bartók, 2016
Le percussionniste Jean Geoffroy
© Patrick Delance
Le Quatuor Béla
© Titus Lacoste
Le violoncelliste Luc Dedreuil du Quatuor Béla
© Titus Lacoste
L'altiste Julian Boutin du Quatuor Béla
© Titus Lacoste
Le violoniste Julien Dieudegard du Quatuor Béla
© Titus Lacoste
Le violoniste Frédéric Aurier du Quatuor Béla
© Titus Lacoste
La compositrice Francesca Verunelli
© Julian Hargreaves, Académie de France à Rome, Villa Medicis
Le compositeur Henry Fourès
© Isabelle Huguet

An IRCAM-Centre Pompidou production

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