Orchestre de Paris / Lin Liao

  • Concert

  • Wed 8 June 2022,
    Thu 9 June 2022,
    8:30 p.m.

  • Cité de la musique, Salle des concerts
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  • Concert recorded by France Musique

Three works for orchestra, three ways of reconfiguring this classical formation, using electronics or using a new spatial structure. Misato Mochizuki, at the confluence of Western and Japanese cultures, imagines a score where the machinery of the Orchids software generates an artificial nature: a virtual electronic bird bursts into the fabric of the orchestra. For Marco Stroppa, the soloist of Come play with me is the electronics embodied by a totem of loudspeakers. In this lively concerto, the movements follow one another right up to an unexpected cadenza by the lone electronic protagonist. With Ring for large spatialized orchestra, the first part of the Köln trilogy, Philippe Manoury shatters orchestral hierarchies with the arrangement of sound groups and the spatialization of trajectories. A scenography disrupting the established codes of the orchestra and the concert.

Orchestre de Paris
Lin Liao conductor
Carlo Laurenzi, Robin Meier IRCAM electronics

Misato Mochizuki Intrusions - Premiere of the new version
Commissioned by the SWR and IRCAM-Centre Pompidou
Marco Stroppa Come play with me - Premiere of the new version
Commissioned by the SWR, Françoise and Jean-Philippe Billarant,
Philippe Manoury Ring

Coproduction IRCAM-Centre Pompidou, Philharmonie de Paris.

"Orchestre de Paris / Concert d'ouverture" concert playlist

  1. Intrusions by Misato Mochizuki
  2. Come play with me by Marco Stroppa
Orchestre de Paris
© Mathias Benguigui
Orchestre de Paris, Afterwork Scolaire
© Mathias Benguigui
La cheffe Lin Liao
© Zlatko Mićić

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