Musiques-Fictions: Un pas de chat sauvage by Marie NDiaye

  • Installation

  • Fri 25 June 2021 ,
    6:30 p.m. , Sat 26 June 2021 ,
    3:30 p.m. , 9 p.m. ,
    Sun 27 June 2021 ,
    1 p.m.

  • Centre Pompidou, Grande salle
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  • per session : 5 €


  • Program (in French)

The Musiques-Fictions combine a contemporary text, a musical creation, and a collective experience of immersive listening. A collection launched in 2020, a program in which musical creation is in direct contact with literary fiction. Giving full scope to musical writing and full intelligibility to the text: Musiques-Fictions intends to renew the genre of radio fiction, the Hörspiel, by going beyond the simple sonic illustration of the narrative or dialogue, when the image no longer acts as a screen.

Inspired by the West Indian singer Marie Martinez, nicknamed the Black Malibran, the story's narrator is a university professor who is conducting research on this intriguing character. Her work is disturbed by the irruption in her life of a singer who could well have something to do with the singer photographed by Nadar at the time of her glory, but also of her decline. "My music will only be the discreet, fleeting, fragile, revocable setting for this spoken song, the sung word of Jeanne Balibar." (Gérard Pesson)

Marie NDiaye text (co-publication Flammarion /Museums of Orsay and the Orangery, 2019)
Gérard Pesson composition, commissioned by IRCAM-Centre Pompidou
David Lescot adaptation
Robin Meier IRCAM computer-music design
Clément Cerles sound engineering
With the voice of Jeanne Balibar
And music recorded by the musicians of the Ensemble Cairn: Ayuli Mori (clarinet), Caroline Cren (piano), Fanny Vicens (accordion), Christelle Séry (guitar), Laurent Camatte (viola)

Musiques-Fictions: Un pas de chat sauvage by David Lescot, director

  1. Musiques-Fictions: Un pas de chat sauvage by David Lescot, director David Lescot talks about his collaboration with the composer Gérard Pesson.

An IRCAM /Les Spectacles vivants-Centre Pompidou coproduction. With the support of Sacem.

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