Music of Choices

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Fascinated by theater, improvisation, and technological universes, Alexandros Markeas appeals to decisions, to choices, and to the votes cast by the listeners-spectators of this show. Music of Choices suggests different types of representation; the concert, the semi-improvised performance, the installation, centered on the keyboards played by the composer-performer. Under the guidance of the director Aliénor Dauchez, the questions addressed to the public will become clearer and/or wilder: "Do you prefer empty streets or forests? Ruins or cats? Would you like the musician to change his jacket? "If marketing has accustomed us to the absence of choice under the cover of offers, here autonomy and bifurcation are shifting notions. They circulate between the three entities that make up this "dialogue": a pianist, the machine, and an audience.

Musical Happening and Interactive Games  premieres 2021

Alexandros Markeas conception, composition, interpretation, commissioned by IRCAM-Centre Pompidou
Aliénor Dauchez director, set design
Christoph Knoth web development
Bastian Zimmermann dramaturgy
David Eckelmann lightdesign
Manuel Poletti IRCAM computer-music design
Benjamin Matuszewski (interaction sound music movement team), Jérôme Nika (musical representations team) IRCAM scientific collaboration 

3 tips from Alexandros Markeas, composer

  1. 3 tips from Alexandros Markeas, composer
Alexandros Markeas
Alexandros Markeas
Aliénor Dauchez

An IRCAM/Les Spectacles vivants-Centre Pompidou, Compagnie La Cage coproduction | With the support of the Sacem.

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