Concert de l’atelier pour musique de chambre

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Under the guidance of the composer Isabel Mundry, student composers were able to try their hand at chamber writing with the soloists from the Ensemble Intercontemporain. Isabel Mundry brings together aesthetic currents that are frequently mutually exclusive, giving free rein to her taste for harmony, counterpoint, and early music, without any sense of nostalgia for "restoration". The former student of Gosta Neuwirth and Hans Zender in Germany, who attended IRCAM's Cursus, takes the utmost care to bring the perception of music and the craft of writing to the forefront. She has often found interlocutors in other disciplines - painting, architecture, poetry - to affirm the full autonomy of music. So many issues that are completely relevant to today's young creation.

Soloists from the Ensemble intercontemporain
Wendy Vo Cong Tri*
Philippe Grauvogel 
Martin Adámek 
Jean-Christophe Vervoitte
Lucas Lipari-Mayer 
Diego Tosi violin
Benoît Morel
Éric-Maria Couturier 
*additional musician
Isabel Mundry 
(composer) educational advisor

Works by student composers
Charles M. Champi Paréidolie
Patrick Friel Lament
Zhuosheng Jin dust not dust
Aslıhan Keçebaşoğlu Trio for Flute, Violin and Violoncello
Angus Lee Lethescape
Frej Wedlund where do we go now?

Isabel Mundry Le corps des cordes

La compositrice Isabel Mundry
© Marco Giugliarelli for the Civitella Ranieri Foundation, 2019

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