Mixed Music

The interpretation master classes associate the 20th century repertoire and recent creation in a desire to go beyond historical specializations. They also offer privileged access to a few reference works of mixed music, where the dimension of sound projection is an integral part of the interpretation.

ManiFeste-2021 © Ircam, photo : Philippe Barbosa

Mixed Music Interpretation

Educational Advisors: Simone Conforti, Sébastien Naves, Claudia Jane Scroccaro IRCAM computer-music designers/lectures  
Workshop taught in English, in association with the student musicians from the Pôle Sup’ 93 and students from the ENS Louis-Lumière.

This workshop is intended for composers, sound engineers, or computer music designers who wish to acquire the experience of a professional situation in the musical, technical, and logistical preparation of rehearsals and a mixed music concert. It will allow students to acquire the necessary techniques to master and ensure the performance of the electronic parts of a mixed music work.

The two weeks, supervised by IRCAM instructors, will consist of group classes and hands-on work in the studio. The workshop will be based on specific themes in order to strengthen production methods for the performance of mixed music. They will also include an improvisation session (instrument and electronics).

Computer-music design students will work in close collaboration with young performers from the Pôle Sup'93, and will present the program of works studied in concert.

The two weeks will be structured around the following steps:

  • courses in the computer room and practical workshops in the studio (analysis of the musical writing of the pieces in relation to the electronic writing, setting up the material conditions of the concert, debugging, analysis of patches, methodology...)
  • Improvisation and electronics session allowing an artistic encounter in view of a close collaboration based on a double performance: the instrumental interpretation itself and that of the electronics
  • realization of a simulation for each piece of the program studied during a recording session with the performer in the Ircam studio
  • rehearsals (experimentation with the diffusion of the pieces, monitoring and observation of the performer's playing)
  • mixed music concert by the workshop's students who perform the electroacoustic parts of one of the works in the program, with the participation of the performers from Pôle Sup'93

Each work on the program will be assigned to a student:

Natasha Barrett Liquid Crystal (2000) for clarinet and electronics, 12 min
Mathieu Bonilla Orpaillage (2010), for percussions and electronics, 10 min
Jérôme Combier Kogarashi, le premier soupir des fantômes (2002) for guitar and electronics, 8 min
Pasquale Corrado Wam (2011) for trumpet and electronics, 7 min

In addition, a piece from the IRCAM repertoire could serve as a common core of study for all participants.

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